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The benefits of hiring a professional photographer or videographer for YOUR big day!

Your Wedding isn’t just one day; it is a landmark of your relationship that you will want to remember for years to come. While one’s memories can fade, photographs will last, an everlasting depiction of such a special occasion. 

While many people think that a photographer is just for a day or a few hours and there must be ways to get around this seemingly huge expense, be it through a friend with a DSLR, disposable cameras or smartphones, this is often misguided.

A photographer spends time getting to know you as a couple prior to the wedding, often offering a free engagement shoot in preparation for the big day. They will ask you a lot of questions and answer any you may have to ensure that they capture every moment you wanted, in the style you love and that the small details aren’t overlooked.

After the wedding, hours, days or weeks will go into editing and creating the perfect collection, if there is also a video, a great amount of time will then be spent cutting, editing, adding music etc to make the perfect, awesome looking film.


While having friends take pictures may also be lovely it is so important to have a professional there too, to get the shots you want, enabling you to relax, without fear of disappointment, anything else is a bonus. Great photography isn’t just about a fancy, expensive camera, it is the thousands of hours of training that goes behind it and the knowledge of what exactly makes fantastic, memorable, shots that can be perfectly executed for your wedding. Professional photographers and videographers have been to countless weddings, they know where to be looking, what to be looking for and can capture moments you might miss, (because let’s face it, it’s a busy day!) like the tear in a relative’s eye, guests laughing and smiling, groomsmen joking around and kids being totally unaware of what is going on, but looking super cute. 

They are well equipped to deal with any lighting, it will always require a shift in aperture and shutter speed which is a sixth sense to the professionals. Want that gorgeous backlit sunset photo? Your photographer’s got you. Getting married in the dark winter? Don’t worry about grainy or blurred images here! Professional photographers and videographers have tried and tested skills to ensure that your photos are captured beautifully and not a moment is missed. Plus, friends and guests may want to drink so as the night goes on you might end up with some really quirky blurred photos of the floor… 

You only have one chance at your wedding day with your partner, why not capture it in the best possible way! Create beautiful lasting memories, don’t put any pressure on yourself, friends or guests and most importantly allow yourself to relax, eat, drink and dance knowing it is all totally covered by someone who has years and years of experience of documenting weddings!

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Alex and Conner

Rolling Pictures

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