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The FUTURE of weddings?!

With everything that has happened this year, many people have been left asking, "what does the future look like for weddings?"

Last month, Rolling Pictures attended its first wedding since Lockdown. Despite being in the wedding videography and wedding photography industry for a number of years, we knew this shoot would be completely different to anything we had done before. With a smaller guest list and fewer traditions than usual, it was definitely a change in scenery compared to what we would normally capture.

Watching the groom undertake the bridesmaid's duties, such as helping the bride-to-be into her dress and touching up her makeup was certainly a first for us.

Although on paper the guest list was small, many friends and family tuned in over zoom. As a wedding photographer, I particularly enjoyed the opportunity this provided to capture different kinds of group shots and portraits.

Despite the differences, the day was no less of a celebration. In fact, it was rather refreshing to be able to focus solely on the couples love for one another without the usual wedding distractions.

All things considered, shooting a socially distanced wedding was something we at Rolling Pictures will never forget. Being wedding photographers and wedding videographers, we pride ourselves on being adaptable to change; something which was put to the test on the day. There were some challenges that came with shooting a socially distanced wedding, however, being a part of this special day and witnessing this couple's love for each other made it all worth it.

It was a pleasure for us at Rolling Pictures to participate in their special day and we hope they have many happy memories to come.

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Alex Millichamp - Lead photographer

Rolling Pictures

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