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City of Love!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

[Disclaimer: this shoot was conducted before the outbreak of Covid-19. Please ensure you abide by social distancing guidelines]

Our favourite part of being wedding photographers and videographers is that every story we tell is unique. We are always searching for the next story to capture. In doing so, we realised that, we may have filmed many weddings, however, we have never witnessed a proposal first-hand.

So we decided, to set ourselves a challenge. We wanted to actively go out and find ourselves a proposal.

Where better to experience our first proposal than Paris, the city of love? We chose the Eiffel Tower as our primary location, being the 4th most popular proposal location in the world. With its renowned reputation for romance, we thought that if we spent a day under the Eiffel Tower, we would certainly witness an engagement. In fact, Conner thought it would take as little as 4 hours, giving us ample time to explore the rest of what Paris has to offer.

Within hours of deciding, we had booked our flights and were on our way to the airport.

Our experience spent under the Eiffel Tower demonstrated to us that we had underestimated how much of a challenge we had set ourselves. At times, we questioned whether we had picked the right location or whether we would ever capture the proposal we wanted to see.

Just as our spirits were about to break, and the prospect of us leaving France empty handed was become a real possibility, our patience and perseverance was rewarded. At 12:17pm on our second day in Paris, we finally witnessed the popping of a certain question, followed by a resounding yes and the exchange of a ring. We had done it.

How long does it really take to witness a proposal under the Eiffel Tower? In our experience, 26 hours.

It may have took considerably longer than we expected, however, getting to capture such a memorable and special stage in that couple’s life together was an experience we will always remember. Despite the challenges, we would do it all over again.

So, where should we look for love next?

We are always looking for a new story to tell. Could yours be next?

To talk to us about your wedding visit our website or email us at

Alex Millichamp and Conner Foley

Rolling Pictures.

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