Wedding photography and videography is a very personal product.

We will be with you for the majority of the day, so it is imperative you feel comfortable with us and the cameras.

The way we see it is you wouldn't invite someone you don't know to your wedding, so why should we be any different? So with that being said let's get to know each other.

Rolling Pictures, or as our mum's call us, Alex and Conner, have been documenting weddings together in both the UK and abroad for the last 6 years. Having been friends since primary school and working creatively together shortly after, we have spent the majority of our life looking through a lens. We got our first wedding gig together by volunteering for a local charity that gives wedding gifts to couples who have life-threatening illnesses. I think we both became hooked after seeing the smiles it created for the couple and how grateful they were for our skills.

Roll on ten years or so and Rolling Pictures is now a Limited company, covering 20 - 30 weddings annually, in both the UK and abroad.

What makes us unique is our close working relationship, allowing us to capture both photography and videography to the highest standard.

We are proud to be directors of our wedding company and want to

thank all couples both past and future who we work with.

As without you, there is no us.    

Rolling Pictures




Using my Grandpas old hand me down cameras, I taught myself photography from a young age. I was fascinated with the concept of freezing time into a moment that I could revisit at any point. This quickly led to me photographing people and capturing their expressions to relive both shared and personal moments.

A wedding is that perfect day to capture real emotion that can be relived and loved by many and so for that I say, thanks, grandpa.

Before photography, I had a professional career as a Ballet dancer and travelled the world performing on various stages and shows. If you capture me at the right moment on the day I will do a pirouette for you!


A bit of information that is usually helpful for the day, I will never turn down an offer for a coffee, unless you offer me a beer!

Alex Millichamp



Hi! My name is Conner, I am the lead videographer here at Rolling
Pictures. :)

When I first picked up a camera all those years ago, I was instantly hooked.
I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but I knew it was the start of a
journey. Roll on a decade and my adoration for true, moving stories has
only deepened. These days my goal is simple; make films that are a source
of good.  

A good wedding film will bring
you joy but a great wedding film will act as a constant source of inspiration for
yourself, your loved ones and even the larger community. We all need hope
and if my films can do this for people....
Well, I don’t think I could ask for a more fulfilling career.

Conner Foley



Lottie Dennis

2nd Shooter

Calum Morrison

2nd Shooter


Sophie Tiley

Sales & Admin


At Rolling Pictures we go above and beyond to find love. To prove it, we flew to Paris, the city of love, and waited patiently until we found it.