We all have questions so here is a list of our most frequent

How do I secure my booking?

So, you have seen our wedding packages and decided which ones for you, now it's time to book!


First, we email you our contract, containing our full terms of your wedding package, this is to be signed by both party's. We will then email a invoice – requiring a 10% non refundable booking deposit.
As soon as your contract is signed and the deposit is paid, your date is secured and in our calendar!

What is your refund Policy?

The deposit fee is non­-refundable.

Your deposit secures your date – therefore, anyone else enquiring for your wedding date will be turned away.

Can I pay in instalments?

Of course!


We can set up monthly, quarterly, half or annual payments, we are flexible to what is most comfortable for you.

We are camera shy and awkward in front of the camera, HELP?!

First of all, you are not alone! This is probably our most asked question and we always have the same answer... Don't worry! We are a very experienced team and have worked with hundreds of couples and we can promise you – shy or not, we will get you relaxed in front of that camera and create some magic – we have a few tricks up our sleeves!

Do you offer individual packages or do we have to get both photography & videography?

No we have a range of packages to choose from to suit your needs.


We have two different packages for photography, two different packages for videography and two packages which are a combo of both. 


Do you offer discounts?


Our combination of videography and photography packages are highly discounted as a thank you for using our full service.

Do we get all the images taken on the day?

No, we take the time to hand pick all the best and useable photos from the day and only supply the best and full edited images as this is the best representation of our work. 

The amount of photos supplied depends on your package and is specified in our welcome brochure.


When do you take a break on the day?

We take our break when you and your guests sit down to eat your meal.
After all, nobody wants photos of themselves eating right?

What happens if our Photographer/Videographer cannot make it for some reason?

The benefits of having a full team is that we have enough people on stand by if needed.
We have not yet been in a situation where the allocated Photographer/Videographer cannot make a wedding – but we are definitely prepared for this, just in case!

How long before I receive my photos and videos?

You will receive a preview within 7 days of your wedding, for photography – a selection of photos and videography – your teaser video.

Photos within 4 weeks.

Video within 6/8 weeks.

Our turnaround time is usually much quicker than this, but this is just in case during our busy periods.

Can I upgrade my Package in the future as I am undecided if I want Photography/Videography as well?

Depending on availability, you can upgrade your package at any time.


You can also upgrade after your wedding.
That’s right! Depending on your package there is additional extras which are available after the day.

Can I pick which song is used?

We like to include our clients in the creative process, after all if anyone is going to know what your perfect

wedding film looks like it's you. As a result you are more than welcome to be a part of the song selection process.

That being said, due to copyright laws, mainstream music is off limits. So no Ed Sheeran I'm afraid. We use a library of underground (but equally beautiful) music which we use as the soundtrack to your films.


"You don't take a photograph, you make it"