When we started making weddings films, we had one question that perplexed us:

Why does every single wedding video look the same?

The story of each couple is unique, a culmination of decades of searching for an elusive thing called love, so if the subject matter is bespoke, why aren't the films?


This is our ethos: each film should tell a story bigger than just one day. It should culminate an era. With this in mind, we have crafted a completely unique style of wedding videography which we hope makes us stand out from the crowd. We have been referred to as

'The Netflix of Wedding Films'


in the past, but we invite you to check out our films for yourself and let us know if you agree. 


This is our flagship piece, a 3-5 minute cinematic video that will encompass the entire day as well your unique love story. These highlight films give the purest, most impactful impression of your day, so you should definitely have tissues at the ready!


Depending on your package, we capture your ceremony and speeches in full. With multiple camera angles and professional audio, every word of your vows makes an impact. This film is the closest you can come to reliving your wedding ceremony without renewing your vows.


We use the most powerful and most rawest moments from the ceremony and speeches in your highlight film, to add that extra emotional punch.


Let me guess... you've just finished your highlight film and want more? No problem! Let me introduce you to the feature edit. Think of this like a highlight film that has been bulked-up. The same beauty and emotion of the highlight can be seen and felt in the feature, but each moment is expanded and seen in greater detail. Maybe this isn't our flagship product, but it probably should be... I should talk to the marketing guy. .

Wedding Day


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