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Why ALL couples should have an engagement shoot!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Getting engaged is wonderful, it is an exciting milestone of your relationship and something that in itself should be celebrated, as well as the thrill of your upcoming wedding and marriage. That’s why here at Rolling Pictures we believe that an engagement shoot is a brilliant way to capture this elation.

We work hard to tailor each shoot to the couples and come up with completely bespoke ideas that reflect the couples themselves. This makes for a fantastic experience, reminiscing over memories of how you first met, hobbies you share and realising what makes your relationship special. Working creatively with your partner, photographer and videographer to create something completely unique, personal and beautiful makes for a really fun day to celebrate and document your recent engagement.

This then further acts as a brilliant way for you both to get to know your photographer and videographer, so they can really understand what you would like in terms of style and specific shots. Its a great time to get an idea of what type of footage you would like, from style such as hi-key, bright and airy, contrast shots or low-key more moodier atmospheric images.

An engagement shoot also acts as a great practice run before your wedding, making you more at ease in front of the camera, its not everyday you get to have a proper photoshoot with your partner in a romantic setting!

These photos can be really relaxed and fun, experimenting with what you like and what your photographer or videographer thinks would look great. You can use these for save the date cards for your wedding which make for a lovely memento or to use as an official announcement of your engagement!

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Conner and Alex

Rolling Pictures

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