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THE SECRET to a 66 Year Long Marriage

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Say hi to Pat and Vernon,

Part time whist players and full time legends. They also happen to be our lead wedding photographer's grandparents.

Last year Pat and Vernon celebrated their 66th year of marriage, an impressive achievement that only a handful of people in the world can brag about. As wedding videographers and wedding photographers we live to find stories that move us. As a result, we jumped at the opportunity to sit down with this power couple to find out what makes their marriage so successful.

We embark on a nostalgic journey with them. We talk about their wedding day, their first time on a plane, the struggles they have faced along the way but most importantly, what makes team Vat (or Pernon) so strong.

I would highly recommend watching this one with some tissues at the ready. Wedding videographers and Wedding photographers are accustomed to emotional moments, but even we weren't prepared for this. 😭😭

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